Blather Shitegeist

God do I love the Blather Shitegeist: “Keane bestrides the Irish consciousness like CuChullain. A man seemingly born to conflict, with a staggering ability to make others around him perform beyond their natural ability. He taunts us and goads us, enraptures and enthralls us. His is our tearaway son, prodigal brat, freak in the attic. […]

Andromeda hits the dust

According to the Great Link and via Comic Book Guy Andromeda has finally been cancelled. And Mutant X too Now these two shows, I will admit, I have watched, although Mutant X is ten times worse than Andromeda, it has no plot, no interesting characters, merely hair and clothes and on purty peoples. Andromeda at […]

Mother Tongue

ISBN: 014014305X I really enjoyed this book, an entertaining and humorous look at the origins of the English language, its various dialects and the roles other languages have played in giving it such a diverse selection of words and spellings. The reasons why ough has so many different ways of being pronounced, and the reasons […]

Kill Bill vol 2

Bang bang, my baby shot me down
You know there isn’t really all that much for me to say about this film. Did I enjoy it? Yes, but it isn’t great, although I do think it is better than Vol. 1. It is very definitely less violent. But on the other hand I found the violence in Vol 1 to be very cartoonish, with little or no real impact. Vol 2 has much more reality to it. Read more about Kill Bill vol 2

More from Jo

“Wars eat your youth. When I was in college we made a census, boys and girls. There were about half girls and half boys but now there are maybe ten times as many girls” – wildfirejo There is also an interesting discussion of Jo Wilding’s blog on Open Democracy

Red Mist

Full title Red Mist: Roy Keane and the Football Civil war. A fan’s story
ISBN: 0747570140 See also: LibraryThing ; Roy’s stats from Man U ; Guardian article written during Saipan ; Divided opinion from Irish fans ; Reuter’s article on Roy’s return ; Review of the book from the Sunday Post ; Google search one Roy Keane and Saipan ; Profile of Mick McCarthy from ; The big fight Online fro p45 :)

For those of you who are not Irish, or not football fans (soccer) the Roy Keane and Mick McCarthy saga might be unheard of. If you are a football fan then you should know, and if you’re Irish then the events in Saipan must have been discussed with various people.
Of course we don’t really know what happened in Asia in 2002, but that doesn’t really matter, we still took sides and either defended McCarthy or blamed him.

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The Borrible Trilogy

ISBN: 0330490850
Borribles are small, looking like children apart from the fact that they have pointed ears, but they may be hundreds of years old, for they can live forever, unless they are caught and get their ears clipped. If that happens they will turn into regular children and will be doomed into growing up into boring, adventureless adults.

The trilogy begins with the story of the great Rumble Hunt, where nine Borribles go on a mission to stop the Rumbles invading their manors. Eight are nameless adventurerers out to earn a name, while the ninth, Knocker goes as their historian, but has another aim as well. He wants to get a second name, for all Borribles must earn their names, and no Borrible can go adventuring once he has a name. This may be his chance.

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