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Lives of the Monster Dogs

ISBN: 0340685972 ; In the near future a group of dogs head for New York, but these are not your average four legged friends. They walk on th [...]

Blather Shitegeist

God do I love the Blather Shitegeist: “Keane bestrides the Irish consciousness like CuChullain. A man seemingly born to conflict, with [...]


I love stumble, but sometimes I just wish I hadn’tvisited certain images :) [...]

Andromeda hits the dust

According to the Great Link and via Comic Book Guy Andromeda has finally been cancelled. And Mutant X too Now these two shows, I will admit, [...]


Isn't the internet a wonderful place? One learns so many things, for example, that vexillologists are

Mother Tongue

ISBN: 014014305X I really enjoyed this book, an entertaining and humorous look at the origins of the English language, its various dialects [...]

Kill Bill vol 2

Bang bang, my baby shot me down You know there isn’t really all that much for me to say about this film. Did I enjoy it? Yes, but it i [...]

More from Jo

“Wars eat your youth. When I was in college we made a census, boys and girls. There were about half girls and half boys but now there [...]

Isn’t work weird?

Isn’t it strange what you come across in the course of a day? There I was doing the ILLs when I saw an intriging article title before [...]
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