Kill Bill vol 2 dir. by

25 April 2004

Cast: , , , , ,
Rated :

Bang bang, my baby shot me down
You know there isn’t really all that much for me to say about this film. Did I enjoy it? Yes, but it isn’t great, although I do think it is better than Vol. 1. It is very definitely less violent. But on the other hand I found the violence in Vol 1 to be very cartoonish, with little or no real impact. Vol 2 has much more reality to it.

You know the story (right?) the mysterious bride is out for revenge.
Would it ruin the film for you if I tell you she kills some people? Didn’t think so. That tells you more violence, sword-fights and gun-play, punches and kick are all to be found. We also learn what happened in the past, The Bride’s training with the irritable Pai Mei, as well as who exactly she was marrying. We also, shock horror find out her name. Although if you visit the IMDb page it has it listed in the credits.

There is also quite a bit of humour, the Bride discovering she is pregnant is one, as are quite a lot of the wonderful beard and eyebrow acting done by Pai Mei.

So enjoyable, but far from a masterpiece.

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