Spin the Bottle dir. by

22 July 2003

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This is an Irish film, with some of the same characters as the spoof documentary Paths to Freedom. I didn’t catch a lot of that series, but thought I’d pop along to the film; after all how could I avoid a film with the tagline “I’m still Rats from the flats. Used to have a little, now I’ve fuck all.”

Getting out of prison after 3 years Rats returns to the family home to discover that quite a lot has changed. Not only are there nuns singing in his sitting room, but he no longer had a room as his old band-mate has moved in. In an attempt to send his “fat aunt” to Lourdes (it’s the only thing keeping her going). After the money (€3 grand) gets stolen he tries to get a job and bring some money into the house. Things don’t go too well, and in an effort to lift her sister’s spirits Rat’s mother gets a job delivering pizzas. Rats then decides the only option is to win the version of Pop Idol or You’re a Star that is a the centre of the film. In order to do so he must try and reform his old band Sperm dot com.

I quite enjoyed the film, there are a couple of laugh-out-loud moments, but I don’t think this will translate outside Ireland. Rats’ attitude towards the Belfast fella as well might raise a few eyebrows but it’s probably very close to the truth.

Funny in places and very much a homegrown film

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