War of the Flowers by

26 July 2003

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ISBN: 1841491896
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When I first started this book I have to admit that I wasn’t that caught up in it, but I think that may have been whatever mood I was in at the time, because when I returned to it the next day I practically devoured it.

The basic plot revolves around a journey from our world into the world of Faerie. The main protagonist Theo lives a pretty ordinary, but not very happy life until one day a faery called Applecore turns up and brings him to the land of Faeire where he becomes involved in political plots.

The world that Williams creates in this book is a very believable one. Normally I don’t really enjoy those “crossing into other worlds” type of books, but this is a really good read. The reasons for the cross over are definite and the world of Faeire is by no means full of happy laughing unreal characters. Instead the faerie folk live realistic lives, aided in certain cases by magic.

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