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22 July 2003

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I was pleasantly surprised with this film. I presume most people know the story of Hulk, guy gets radiated, then finds out that when he gets angry he turns green & monster-like (or grey in the early comics).

Well I wasn’t expecting much from this film, I was never a huge Hulk fan, and the start of this film seemed to agree with my assessment. It starts more like a drama than an action movie, and is maybe a little slow in places, gross-out factor of the exploding frog excepting :)

But I did like the flash-back memories, and the style of direction made me pay attention to the film. Once the Hulk himself made an appearance I loved it. The scenes with him & the dogs are great, as is the helicopter scene. Maybe it is a little too cartoony, some people in the audience obviously thought so, but I really enjoyed it. It seemed some-how more real because it was so clear it wasn’t. The very fact that they drew attention to Hulk as a comic book cartoon, made him standout all the more imo.

Plus I loved the way he looked.
But I fear I may be alone, not many people seemed to have liked Hulk at all. I say go see it, go enjoy it. Just don’t expect another Spiderman, its much deeper than that.

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