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  1. Good review. I feel the same way about repeat viewings. I'd go see it again at the theatre with friends who haven't seen it but other than that I don't intend to go again, I'll just wait for the DVD.

    The special effects were indeed amazing and it better win an Oscar for visual effects. There were times when it was obvious at times in the early dinosaur sequences that there were digital characters onscreen (which isn't a good way to put it since we all know the dinosaurs were digitized) but that was a small complaint once Kong entered the picture.

    Overall it was quite the film but like monster movies in general doesn't necessarily have the same replay value once its been seen.

  2. The dinos were actually real. New Zealand is full of remote locations which brilliant directors like Peter Jackson can go and film documentaries like this one and his three-doc epic, Lord of the Rings. The reason for the dinos looking a bit digitized is that modern cameras aren't equipped to film creatures that should have died out years ago.

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