No referral fun

Tá fhí­os agat that looking at your stats and referral logs is fun fun fun. All those wacky phrases and meaningless search strings. Bhuel, féach, tá siad lacking in the fun department today..

  • A search for Carlo Gebler the bull raid – fits, because I reviewed the book. Unimpressed with it, so I was.
  • A search for Gene Hunt quotes – fits again. Because is é Gene Hunt an fear, and we has a great gré for him.
  • a search for attia of the julii – When is Rome coming back?
  • a search for surrounded armed bastards – this’d be Mr. Hunt again. An fear is fearr[1] ;)

The only one that makes me even vaguely go “hmmmm” is the search for sally sue with white lace, and that arrives here on account of a quote from Stephenie Meyer’s New Moon.

Aréir, chuaigh mé to see Julius Caesar in the Abbey. Twas grand, dragged a bit at times, but overall a grand night’s entertainment. The set design was great, the costume design, not so much.


  1. this only really works in irish

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