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The Storytelling Animal: A Conversation with Jonathan Gottschall | Literally Psyched, Scientific American Blog Network

When we submit to fiction–whether in novels, songs, or films—we allow ourselves to be invaded by storytellers who seize control of us co [...]

Memory itself is an internal rumour

I’ve just had the strangest feeling. Was looking for photos for this yoke so was searching in folders on the ‘puter and on impul [...]

TT #21

"They're out there."

She was really starting to get on my nerves. I knew they were out there. I'd seen them, I'd been chased by [...]


In the continuing, on off, saga of fiction prompted by Luna Nina’s Unconscious Mutterings: Brink [...]

Once Upon a Time Contest

Carl says “write“. Challenge issued; a story in one hundred words. But– and here’s the problem– no repetition [...]

28 days… six hours… 42 minutes… 12 seconds

More fiction, this time some scratch-fiction from Everything Comes Together at 2 am [...]

Cause he sees an angel peepin’ Through a broken window pane

I’ve decided to respond to Criminalenglish’s challenge [...]

What do you say when words are not enough?

So, FM found a challenge, write a story in 69 words. His was great, so I decided not to try too hard with mine, and came up with this. It pr [...]
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