Crush :: First (week 221)

1 May 2007


Puppy dog eyes and soft sighs. Max knew they were supposed to be part of any crush. But he didn’t sigh, he didn’t glance longingly after Amanda. Nevertheless, he knew this was a crush. The way his stomach fluttered when she was near. The way he was always aware of her. She could be in a crowd of a thousand, a million! and still he would be able to pick her out.

He watched as she crossed the yard. In his eyes she floated. A perfect vision. Despite her clothes. Despite her friends.

Turning to talk to one of those giddy, mindless girls her eyes brushed him. He forced himself not to move. To stay, lounging against the wall, as though he didn’t care. As though he didn’t even notice. She smiled. At him? Max couldn’t help but frown of puzzlement, the frown that made her shrug her shoulders and turn away.

“Max.” Lena offered him a cigarette. He took it without a glance in her direction. Every fibre of his being was focused on Amanda, was focused on not betraying how he felt, on not risking the put down and the laughter that he knew would come.

Lena took a deep drag on her own cigarette. Her gaze flickered over Max’s profile. She knew she could stare at him to her heart’s content and he wouldn’t notice. Lena followed his stare and sighed softly; he had been the first to crush her heart.

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