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11 February 2018

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Mollie Carberry ; book 1

Mollie Carberry’s life seems pretty dull until she discovers her older sister Phyllis is a suffragette! When she and her friend Nora get involved they must face the question of how far a girl should go for her beliefs.

Anna Carey’s Rebecca series of books are popular ones in the library, and The Real Rebecca won an Irish Book Award back in 2011 so I figured I should give Carey a try at some point. Important work-related research, dontcha know.

I picked up The making of Mollie, it’s timely as this year marks one hundred years since women got the vote in Britain & Ireland.

And judging by this book I can see why Carey is a popular author. Her writing is entertaining, easy to read, and makes you want to keep on reading. Told in a series of letters that Mollie writes to her friend in England it tells the story of how she comes to learn about the suffragette movement and then to join in, as much as any fourteen year old can.

I really enjoyed it and am glad to see that there is a sequel Mollie on the March due out next month.

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