The son

translated from French by Adriana Hunter It is eleven days since our first person narrator has died. He was just twenty one years old when m [...]

Old Burnside

A memoir of a Southern Girlhood

A lion called Christian

In 2008 the following youtube clip became one of those "internet phenomenons". If you haven't seen it click play now.


Rules of Engagement

25 May 2003 The tip-off came [...]

Zero Point One Six: living in extra time

ISBN: 184018485X See also: Wikipedia on Mick Doyle ; Irish Examiner’s Obit I still do not know the exact point at which I first became [...]

A Year in the Centre

ISBN: 1844880788 They say flying can do strange things to your mind, and an aeroplane is not the best place to commit thoughts to paper, but [...]

Back from the Brink

with Vincent Hogan ISBN: 1846050766 See also: ; Wikipedia ; BBC ; The Telegraph Paul McGrath is probably Ireland’s best loved sporting [...]

Time Added On

When you are a child, and you're poor, and you live next to othe [...]

Screw It, Let’s Do It: Lessons in Life

ISBN: 0753510995 The staff as Virgin have a name for me. It is ‘Dr. Yes.’ Large print and small page count, this really is a Qui [...]
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