Screw It, Let’s Do It: Lessons in Life by

8 June 2006

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ISBN: 0753510995

The staff as Virgin have a name for me. It is ‘Dr. Yes.’

Large print and small page count, this really is a Quick Read. But it is also a all a bit too positive for my liking. If everyone tried to live the same life as Richard Branson, as he seems to suggest, then there would be an awful lot of failed businesses and bankrupt people. Not that I think we should all be negative, and his view that you should try to have fun at work is a good one, it just won’t always work out that way for people.

Overall the book is readable. It is all a bit simplistic, and never goes into any depth. But that is exactly as advertised, a quick read over Branson’s life, not a biography or a look at any complicated issues. Quick and easy, a surface look at the lessons Branson has learned..

But really it is nothing more than a collection of “positive mental atitude” saying and doesn’t really offer any real advise.

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