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8 May 2010

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Foreword by George Adamson
ISBN: 9780553820607 ; DDC: 599.757
George Adamson.org ; Wildlife now

In 2008 the following youtube clip became one of those “internet phenomenons”. If you haven’t seen it click play now.

And really, that’s all the review I’m going to write about this book. It covers more than that, obviously. It tells how Ace & John came across Christian, where in lived in London, and how they were introduced to the idea of returning him to the wild. Well returning is the wrong word, as Christian was born in a zoo, a fifth generation zoo animal. Would he ever learn to live in the wild?

Christian, Ace & John were the subject of a documentary, that is where the youtube footage comes from. You can see the original voice-over and slightly more information here. It is amazing how far we have come since 1969 when you could buy a lion cub in a department story in London.

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