Old Burnside

Harriette Simpson Arnow (July 7, 1908 – March 22, 1986) was born as Harriette Louisa Simpson in Bronston,[1]Wayne County, Kentucky, and grew up in neighboring Pulaski County. Her father, a former teacher, worked in factories and oil fields, and her mother, also a former teacher, raised her to be a teacher, too. She taught for a number of years in a one-room school house in Kentucky. Harriet was one of six siblings – 5 girls and 1 boy in a family that could trace its roots back to the Revolutionary War era. (from Wikipedia

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The world is at war, and the army is stealing away the men, and those that are left are being hauled off to work in the factories in order to assist the war effort. In rural Kentucky Gertie is lucky enough to still have her husband around, he drives the coal truck, but knows that this situation cannot last. He has his date with the army already lined up. But she is preparing as best she can. She has been saving her money and almost has enough to offer on a nearby farm. Without having to pay half what they earn on rent Gertie and her family will be able to plan for the future. But on the eve of her plans coming to fruition all is ruined and she must uproot her family and follow her husband to the city of Detroit.

Old Burnside by

A memoir of a Southern Girlhoodold burnside

In 1913 Harriette Simpson Arnow moved to Old Burnside, Kentucky, with her family. This is her recollections of life in the once bustling lumber town. She was only four years old at the time, and yet she still manages to recreate the town and people she knew back then. It is a small book, only 125 pages in the edition I read, but there is plenty going on.