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16 October 2016

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In August 2014, Farida, like any ordinary teenage girl, was enjoying the summer holidays before her last year at school. But Farida lived in the mountains of northern Iraq — and what happened next was unimaginable. Her village was an ISIS target.

The Girl Who Beat ISIS: Farida's StoryIn Ireland we forget sometimes just how good we have it. Reading this account of a life ripped apart by Daesh/Isis really makes you realise just how quickly people’s lives have been utterly changed all over Iraq/Turkey/Syria and the surroundings. It is too easy for us to distance ourselves from what is happening, to maybe say “isn’t it terrible” and donate a couple of Euro and then move on with our lives. This book is one that helps you really empathise with the victims of Daesh and see them as individuals. It is one woman’s story, and sometimes that is easy to comprehend than news reports and statistics.

It is a book about horrific things, but it is also very easy to read. I’d highly recommend it.

It does make me wonder what we can do to help? Is there anything that we can do?

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