Reaper 1.01

The ReaperYet another pre-air show has escaped onto the wilds of d’internet. Isn’t modern technology a wonderful thing? Right, on with the recap. We open with Sam on his birthday. He is 21 today, but his parents seem a little off, odd would be a good term[1] His brother Kyle is more normal in his response, the usual brother banter goes on. Sam, at first distracted by a news story about an arsonist on the news, retaliates by asking, ever so innocently about a letter from Stanford. It turns out that Kyle had applied, and didn’t get in. His parents are a little upset at this, something that Kyle can’t quite understand and protests that Sam never went to college. His mother however disagrees, Sam did go to college, for a whole month, it just made him sleepy so he came home. They are both very proud of him.

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  1. strange is another good word

Judging you, judging me

Yesterday at work Bhí cúpla caíllíní ag suigh in front of the desk. Psychology students. And as they were studying they were chatting[1] and got on to discussing suicide.[2] Now I’ve always felt that suicide is something of a selfish act, because lets face it, it is the people left behind who have to deal […]


Gutted! Revisited. There is no denying that Croke Park is an impressive venue. I haven’t been there all that often. I don’t remember who was playing for my first visit, but I do remember being asked if anyone had asked us to carry anything into the stadium. It must have been a Sligo game as […]


Go on my son! Although I’m a little worried about Argentina[1] maybe one of the Leinster boys can take out Contempomi in a “training accident” a little closer to the World Cup?[2] Anyways, moving away from sport at the moment, I’ve discovered that I have too many books I want to read. I’ve taken a […]

The only laying down they did was as a prelude to rolling over and succumbing to the Ospreys’ second string.

Mwaaahaha I’m sorry to any, and all, Aussies, but dude, pwnage Also kinda proves ROG[1] right when he said that the Magners/Celtic league is just as good as the English Premiership. Although yes, the Wallabies did put out a second string outfit, but you know what, so did the Ospreys. It’ll be interesting to see […]

Party time! Excellent

I’d’ve started this post with a Dude-like exclamation, only I did that last time, and I can’t be repeating myself. Not for a short while anyway.

I guess Ronan O’Gara was proven totally and utterly correct when he said that Irish teams no longer have to fear English ones. After all, all three of our provinces involved in the Heinekin Cup won their matches, and England only 1 out 6. The French got 4 our of 7. While the Welsh got 3 our of 3. Scotland played 2 and won one[1]
Course on account of the ebilness of capitalism I didn’t get to watch any. I had intended to go down the pub on Sunday to watch Munster. But laziness defeated me. I listened to the Leinster match, and have the highlights recorded. And watched the highlights of the Munster match. Anyone know why RTE don’t just show the entire match?

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usAll hail Ronan, that was a fantastic last penalty. After missing one from closer in earlier, and faced with that rain, and all that pressure. What can you say but “Dude”[2]

It is also Luna Nina time, and she says:

  1. Stuff ::
  2. Block ::
  3. Ingredient ::
  4. Flagrant ::
  5. Dandruff ::
  6. Betty ::
  7. Tide ::
  8. Judges ::
  9. Take it easy ::
  10. Chef ::

WHile I say
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  1. won one one one.
  2. which is so not repetition because I started the last post with Dude, whereas this is finishing it. See