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6 May 2018

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Original title : Grave

This film is just great. It is so unsettling and uncomfortable and eww-inducing. There were parts where I just couldn’t watch. It is just… damn.

But it isn’t graphic in a guts being spilled over the place, or slicing and dicing people. It is graphic in the little moments, and that is what makes it so relatable. We’ve all had itches and scratched when shouldn’t, so when we see the main character scratching at her red rash we as viewers know how that feels, we can empathise in a way that isn’t possible when you see someone get stabbed with a sword because that isn’t really all that common.

At least I hope you’ve never been stabbed with a sword.

Raw dir. Julia Ducournau

From the opening scene it is a film that grabs your attention. Sometimes in a shocking way, sometimes because of the character. I found Justine (Garance Marillier) had great screen presence, you always wanted to see her, to know what she was thinking.

It is a film with a very tight focus, everything is concentrated on Justine with very little background information or scene setting. But that works, because that is the situation she finds herself in. Off to college and faced with hazing rituals1

The one thing that made me go a bit hmmmm was Show Spoiler ▼

But overall I really really enjoyed this film, if enjoying is the right word for experiencing a person discovering that they are a cannibal…

  1. dear French & Belgian people, do your universities regularly haze first years in a horrible manner? Because that was just bizarre to me 

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  1. anne says:

    This has been on one of my to-watch lists for so long, I don’t even remember what app. Glad you liked it! Guess I have to go find it, now.