Dear Wendy dir. by

17 August 2005

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dear_wendyUp for the award for weirdest film I’ve seen in quite a while. You don’t believe me? Okay, the plot revolves around Dick, who seems to have no friends at all and who lives in a small, nameless town in America that is totally centred on working in the mine. He buys a toy gun as a present for someone he doesn’t like, but doesn’t give it to him. Eventually he discovers that the gun isn’t a toy at all, its real. He falls pretty much in love with this gun, names it Wendy, and forms a type of gang; The Dandies, who are pacifists although they do love their weapons.

Obviously, things do not work out well.

The whole style of the film is strange. Virtually all of it is narration, which is then developed in a few conversations or, and for the most part, shown and illustrated through what we see occur. It is also rather on the surreal side. I don’t mean melting watches or anything, just, well surreal.

And I really liked it. The detached position the audience is placed in by not being able to engage with any of the characters except through the letters Dick writes/narrates. And the very fact that we’re never quite sure what the film is about. Is it anti-gun, or just anti the culture that seems to love guns and violence yet wants to hide it away? Or, considering the fact that the Dandies do, in fact, succeed in their mission, is it a praise of their idealism?

And lets not forget the humour. If you can’t laugh at this film I don’t think you’ll enjoy it.

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