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6 January 2011

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As a person who has never seen Tron I may be the wrong person to review this film. But then again, I’m sure I’m not alone, so here goes :)

Some twenty years ago Sam Flynn’s father went to work and never came home. Since then his company has gone from strength to strength, sometimes at the expense of Kevin Flynn’s original ideals. But Sam doesn’t want to be CEO of a company, instead he doesn’t seem to work, drops out of college, and adopts a rescue dog. Oh, and plays tricks on his own company like releasing their products onto the internet for free. But one day a page comes from Flynn’s Arcade. But the phone there has been disconnected for years. Sam goes to investigate and discovers that his father has discovered how to transport himself onto “the grid” and has been trapped there ever since.

tron-legacyAnd did I mention that it is in 3D! How thrilling.

Okay, you’ve figured it out now, I didn’t love this film. It was alright. And bits of it looked great, but still, the story was pants. And the characters… well, there weren’t really any. Bridges as Kevin Flynn was amusing as the “Big Lebowski-style hippy” but overall it wasn’t enough for me to enjoy this film. Also, it was too long and dragged in the middle.

It isn’t a terrible film. Not by a long shot, it just isn’t a good one either.

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4 Responses

  1. Caroline says:

    I have feeling I saw Tron I but didn’t like it so much. I thought this might be good but it sure sounds less than gripping. Although I really like Jeff Bridges…
    Caroline´s last blog post ..Kubrick’s Barry Lyndon 1975

  2. Kathleen says:

    Thanks for the warning. I’ll probably skip this one.
    Kathleen´s last blog post ..Sometimes you Need to Read a Fairy Tale

  3. Carl V. says:

    I wanted to love this film, based on the cool look of early trailers, but when it came out and it was time to spend money on it, and the reviews were mostly terrible, I decided I just couldn’t do it. It is a shame the writers couldn’t have put together a better story, especially considering how long ago that first film was. I get increasingly frustrated with Hollywood’s inability, or refusal, to spend money on a good story. There are so many talented writers out there that the dreck that often finds its way to the big screen is really inexcusable.
    Carl V.´s last blog post ..Short Story Weekend- January 15-16 2011

    • Fence says:

      It does look cool, and some of the action scenes are well done, but I think you made the right call in skipping it.

      It is annoying when you consider how much money is wasted on the things that should *serve* the story