Mount TBR – August 2017

17 August 2017

  • Tarr, Judith – A Wind in Cairo – added because of the author’s articleAravis reminds me of why I wrote A Wind in Cairo, which is partly about correcting the issues I saw in The Horse and His Boy, and mostly about girls and horses. And the Crusades. From the other side.” – Read
  • de Bodard, Aliette – The House of Binding Thorns – added because I read the first book.
  • Gailey, Sarah – River of teethrec’d by Renay : “Alternate history set in Louisiana? Check. Hippos? Check. Hippo wranglers? Check. I don’t even know, pals, this premise is BANANAS in the best way and I can’t wait to read it.” – Read.
  • Wein, Elizabeth – The Pearl Thief – added because it is the prequel to Code Name Verity!!!!!!!!!
  • Norton, Andre – Star Gate – rec’d by Martha Wells on But also because that cover art just grabbed me
  • Last Nella – Diaries – added because I saw Housewife 49 and wanted to know more. Read.
  • Corlett, Anne – The space between the stars – rec’d by Liz Bourkeultimately, a kind novel. Strikingly written, with very human characters and a deep concern with human frailty, it is an excellent debut.”
  • Gyasi, Yaa – Homegoing – rec’d by Flamingo HouseBeautifully written, honest, and painful
  • Connolly, Marcy Kate – Shadow Weaverrec’d by Ana
  • Rivera, K Arsenault – The Tiger’s Daughterrec’d by Thea
  • Nagata, Linda – The Last Good Man – rec’d by the the author – “Man, I like the retired-army-woman character.”
  • Koja, Kathe – Christopher Wildrec’d by the author
  • Killjoy, Margaret – The Lamb will slaughter the lionrec’d by Tor.compits utopian anarchists against rogue demon deer
  • Chambers, Becky – Record of a spaceborn few – added because its Becky Chambers! Not due til 2018 though.

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