Guardians of the Galaxy [based on comics] by , dir. by

4 August 2014

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Twenty six years after the death of his mother, and twenty six years after he was abducted by aliens, Peter Quill is on the planet Morag, hunting for an orb. Just as he gets his hands on it a group of henchmen come looking for it. They work for the Kree rebel warlord Ronan1 who really wants that orb.

And I had a whole heap more plot synopsis written, about how Quill ends up on the run. And how he meets Drax, Gamora, Rocket and Groot, but it’d be much better if you just watched the film, I wouldn’t want to spoil any of the fun.

And fun is what this film is all about. I’ve heard some people call it cheesy, but that sounds a bit too harsh. It isn’t cheesy, its just all about the fun and the entertainment. It’s humourous and full of action. Once it starts it just keeps going, but unlike, lets say Captain America it doesn’t really have a whole lot of depth to it.

And yet some of the characters do have moments of depth. Rocket’s drunken rant is surprisingly effecting. Actually him and Groot are probably the emotional heart of the film. Quill himself is a bit of a swaggering hero, luckily it is mostly played as though he knows he isn’t all he pretends to be, otherwise he’d just be an irritating jock-type. And Drax, well, he’s just great.

The weakest character-wise has to be Gamora, she’s grand and all, but she is the straight-man and doesn’t really have enough to do. Likewise I’d hoped for more from Nebula (Karen Gillen), but maybe in the sequel.

All in all though this is well worth going to see. I really enjoyed it, and would easily watch it again.

  1. really!? Ronan? Its not a good bad guy name 

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