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15 November 2003

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I’m going to start this review by saying that I loved this film, it was really great. And I had had doubts before I went to see it. I hadn’t much liked the trailers, but a lot of reviews were positive and when I got to the cinema it was on at the right time. The film opens in the middle of the American Civil War, and Union troops laying explosions under Confederate lines. The opening minutes are filled with blood, gore and death. This is where we meet Jude Law’s character Inman, and through flashbacks we meet Nicole Kidman’s, Ada.

The basic plot revolves around their love story, but then again it isn’t really, it is more about the war damage does to people. Both those fighting and those left behind.

And all in all I would recommend this as a film to go see. The acting is fantastic, Renee Zellweger especially I liked. Course I did watch the entire film and not realise that Ray Winstone was playing the role of Teague. I have also been informed that the film is well over two hours long, well it didn’t feel it in the slightest.

It is also an interesting story as it portrays a deserter as a hero. Normal films do not have ‘cowards’ in starring role, and if they do they are weak. Inman is not a weak character, he simply does what he believes is right, and makes it more likely that we can argue that his action took more strength; to go against what was expected

Zellweger excels here

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