Rambo: last blood dir. by

27 September 2019

Script: ,
Rated :

I was very doubtful about this film. The first Rambo First Blood is a classic. And for an action film it has an actual political message. But with every sequel that was made the film have moved further and further away from that message. I know, a lot of franchises change and develop over time, look at The Fast and the Furious films, I mean they’ve come a long way from robbing DVD players.

I remember going to see Rambo back in 2008, and it was not very good. It was Stallone on a boat, staring and grunting, and then killing a whole lot of people.

It was not a good film.

This is worse. So much worse.

It is just terrible, in every way. The plot is nonsensical and racist. The violence is over the top and mean spirited. There are no characters. And it goes on for ever. The run-time is only an hour and a half, but it seriously felt as though it’d never end. Never-ending nonsensical violent tosh.

It is just a bad bad film.

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