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24 May 2014

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Mutants throughout the world are being hunted down and murdered by the Sentinels. And not only mutants, but anyone with the gene that might result in them producing a mutant child, or a mutant grandchild. The world is not in very reasonable hands. Charles and Eric discover that Kitty Pryde can send an individual’s consciousness back through time, only a few weeks, but enough that they can warn of future events and change what is about to happen. Charles wants to go back in time and stop Mystique from killing Trask, it is that murder that led to opinion turning against the mutants and to Mystique being captured and her body being used to develop and enhance the sentinels, turning them into virtually unstoppable killing machines.

But neither he nor Eric would survive a journey that far into the past. Only Logan might have a chance.

X-men: days of future past dir. Bryan Singer

X-men: days of future past dir. Bryan Singer

There follows much action and fighting and whatnot.

Because, back in the seventies, Eric was in prison. Charles was de-powered. And no body was friends. There were no X-Men, so Logan must play the role of peace-maker and team-builder. Always his strong suits!

First off, lets just say that there are a lot of inconsistencies between this film and the other. I know, back in X1 they didn’t know what the storylines were going to be, but some plot points here certainly do not agree with what happened in that film. Also, wasn’t Charles dead/in a different body at the end of X31 but lets just ignore those issues because X-Men : days of future past2 is really quite entertaining. Fassbender is brilliant, he really carries the film and steals virtually eery scene he is in. But Jennifer Lawrence is great too. I loved the Mystique/Raven storyline and what they did with her character.

I could argue that Logan is distinctly less bristly than usual, but he has been told to remain calm so maybe he is practicing his zen breathing through a lot of the film. I, personally, am not a fan of James McAvoy, but he does what he needs to do here, although in comparison to Fassbender is is a lightweight. McKellen and Stewart have very little to do, but they handle that with their usual aplomb.

All in all, apart from Hugh Jackman’s veiny-ness3 this is a really enjoyable film. Well worth the cash. I’ve also been told that the end of credits scene is “awesome and great” on account of who the character is. But I don’t know him/her, so I just found it “ooohhh, interesting”.

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  1. I remember little of that film. I try to forget the ones I didn’t enjoy but I’m pretty sure that Phoenix disintegrated Charles and he woke in the body of a coma patient? Yes/No did I imagine that 

  2. aside from the ridiculous name 

  3. which is gross 

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5 Responses

  1. Eris says:


    • fence says:

      Oh yeah, I forgot to mention him didn't I? ;) He was great, that fight scene in the prison was awesome. But not in it enough.

  2. Eris says:


  3. Carl V. says:

    Saw this over the weekend and really enjoyed it. I didn't have the highest expectations. I was not a fan of the previous film. It felt like another unnecessary origin story to me. Loved the cast, just felt like the story was very weak. This one was much more enjoyable. I liked the way it served as a way to bring things full circle, leaving the franchise in a good place to go any direction.

    • fence says:

      Yes, the ending was a great way of undoing a whole heap of problems. But will they now be thinking they get to make a brand new Wolverine origins story, because we don't know how he got from there to here, do we?