Ultraviolet 1.04 – Mea Culpa dir. by

4 December 2005

Cast: , , ,
Rated :

Nothing like having a priest slashed by a teenage boy in your opening scene to make you think of paedophilia now is there? Still it is nice to see a genre show tackling big issues, isn’t it?

I know what you are thinking, that is hardly a case for the squad now is it? After all surely the police can deal with the perverts of the world. Well, yes, but Gary, the teenage boy, has no history whatsoever of violence, and there are no hints that Downey, the priest, was interested in children in that way. And while talking to the rest of Gary’s class Vaughan notices that a few seem to be very photo-sensitive.

Mike isn’t convinced, suggesting meningitis may be behind the reaction to the light and the mood swings. Despite finding no evidence of how the children were infected Angela doesn’t agree. The whole class is taken for “testing” much to Mike’s annoyance.

Meanwhile Gary, who legged it after knifing, and killing the priest, is discovered, crying in some public toilets. And who finds him. Well, a paedophile(Colin) of course, who takes him home. But before anything can happen Gary gets savaged by Colin’s dog. Colin dumps Gary at the hospital and takes off to burn his collection of magazines and videos.

Finding a disc at Father Downey’s place, and photos of boys, Mike grows more convinced that the priest is the reason behind Gary’s strange behaviour. Pearse is not as convinced, and sends Mike and Vaughan out to further investigate the issue. And so they stumble across Colin, who doesn’t really want to talk, but Vaughan’s fists make for persuasive conversation. Much to Mike’s distaste, but he although he doesn’t like it, he makes no move to stop Vaughan.

All this “conversation” leads to Vaughan and Mike heading for yet another dingy flat, this one belonging to Oliver, who according to Colin is a bit odd, and doesn’t go out much in the day. Some sort of allergy to the sun. A fact that gets immediate attention.

Throughout the episode we have been cutting back to Kirsty, who has interested a jounalist in the story about the “Death Squad” and has him tracking down Mike. Which leads to an interesting conversation between Kirsty and Frances (I do like her).

There is a lot going on in this episode, we also have the revelation that Pearce has luekemia. That Angela’s daughter isn’t too happy with her lack of socialising. Oh yes, and Mike shooting a non-leech by mistake. Shouldn’t forget to mention that.

A good solid episode, plenty to keep you entertained and watching. But with only two more episodes to go, I really don’t think I’m going to get much resolution at the end of the series.

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