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A Princess of Mars


  1. Gotta count myself among those who both love Frazetta's cover and Burroughs' book. I tend to not really see a lot of the social/political stuff in older books like this, I think largely because I in some ways expect it to be there and just go into the stories knowing that they are going to be a product of their time.

    This is definitely pulp adventure, and largely male-centric pulp adventure, but it is still a great deal of fun. I haven't read all of the books but my wife tore through them when I introduced the series to him.

    The movie, John Carter, is a delight if you are a fan of the book. They did a good job of keeping faithful to the spirit of the thing while working in elements from a few other books and of course making Dejah Thoris a more modern, strong character but one that doesn't see having an attachment as a weakness.
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