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10 November 2011

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Sitting in Angelina’s Tavern, Eddie LaCrosse’s winter evening is suddenly disturbed by a delivery. The delivery of a coffin to be precise. Obviously this piques the interest of the other tavern patrons. And it is a dark winter night, what better than a tale involving the noble King Marcus Drake, and his legendary Knights of the Double Tarn.

Dark Jenny - Alex Bledoe

Dark Jenny - Alex Bledoe

And in case you didn’t recognise the allusion there replace Marcus with Arthur, and Double Tarn with Round Table and you’ll get the general plot. In certain respects. There is a possible love triangle. An evil half-sister. A strange old man who calls himself a wizard. And peace and prosperity, and a golden age. Albeit a short-lived one.

I do enjoy these Eddie LaCrosse books. They are fun, but I have to say that the names sometimes make me wonder. It isn’t that I want to be reading long incomprehensible and made-up fantastic names. It is just, Bob Kay as an heroic knight? I’m just not sure about that.

I also much preferred the old style of cover. This version looks like a film/tv series badly novelised. Either that or a crappy romance. And this book is neither of those things.

It took me a couple of chapters to really get into this book, but I think that was because real life was intruding, because once I had the time to get stuck in this became a real page-turner. Although I did think that Eddie needed a slap upside the head on a couple of occasions. Which is good, I guess, cause it makes him much more real that way. And of course by the end of the book I did feel sorry for him, given how everything ended up, it really does help in establishing him as a world-weary cynic that we meet in the series as a whole.

But I still had my women issue with this book. Show Spoiler ▼

So that annoys me a little.

But overall this is a really enjoyable page-turner. And if you’ve read any of the other Eddie LaCrosse books and enjoyed them, then I’m sure you’ll enjoy this one too.

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