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Clouds of witness by

After solving the mystery of Whose Body Lord Peter Wimsey holidays in the wilds of Corsica, but, tiring of the rustic and wanting a bit of luxury he heads to Paris where he gets the shocking news that his brother, the Duke of Denver, has been arrested for murder. And the victim was Denis Cathcart, his sister’s fiancée. Wimsey heads for home straight away, and together with Inspector Parker he begins to investigate what actually happened.

A walk among the tombstones [based on the book] by dir. by

In 1991 three men robbed a bar that was known not to charge police officers for their drinks. Matthew Scudder…

One Salt Sea by

An October Daye Novel ; 5. Generalised spoiler warning in effect for the first four books, because, well obviously. Toby…

Wake of the Bloody Angel by

Book 4 in the Eddie LaCrosse series. Eddie LaCrosse has a new client, and it is a surprising one to…

Dark Jenny by

Sitting in Angelina’s Tavern, Eddie LaCrosse’s winter evening is suddenly disturbed by a delivery. The delivery of a coffin to…

Moonlight 1.01 dir. by

Look, this is a new series with a vampire detective, so I hereby promise that there will be many and…

The Big Sleep by

ISBN: 0140108920 ; A Philip Marlowe Mystery #1 It was about eleven o';clock in the morning, mid October, with the…

Veronica Mars 1.02 – Credit Where Credit’s Due dir. by

We open with Wallace and Veronica discovering how boring their lives are, as they have no plans for the weekend….

Veronica Mars 1.01 – Pilot (extended dvd version) dir. by

Veronica the marshmallow?

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