Clouds of witness

First read in 2010, reread in 2014.

After solving the mystery of Whose Body Lord Peter Wimsey holidays in the wilds of Corsica, but, tiring of the rustic and wanting a bit of luxury he heads to Paris where he gets the shocking news that his brother, the Duke of Denver, has been arrested for murder. And the victim was Denis Cathcart, his sister’s fiancée. Wimsey heads for home straight away, and together with Inspector Parker he begins to investigate what actually happened.

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A walk among the tombstones [based on the book]

In 1991 three men robbed a bar that was known not to charge police officers for their drinks. Matthew Scudder was off duty and drinking at the time. When they shot the barmen he took off after them. He killed two and wounded the third. He also then gave up drinking and the police force. […]

One Salt Sea

An October Daye Novel ; 5. Generalised spoiler warning in effect for the first four books, because, well obviously. Toby has come along way since we met her back in Rosemary and Rue. Back then she was keeping her head down, avoiding her past, not thinking about her future. She wasn’t really doing much past […]

Wake of the Bloody Angel

Book 4 in the Eddie LaCrosse series. Eddie LaCrosse has a new client, and it is a surprising one to him. Angelina, the innkeeper and an old friend, suddenly reveals that she has an old love interest that she would like Eddie to track down. Back when she was young and more innocent than she […]

Dark Jenny

Sitting in Angelina’s Tavern, Eddie LaCrosse’s winter evening is suddenly disturbed by a delivery. The delivery of a coffin to be precise. Obviously this piques the interest of the other tavern patrons. And it is a dark winter night, what better than a tale involving the noble King Marcus Drake, and his legendary Knights of […]

Moonlight 1.01

Look, this is a new series with a vampire detective, so I hereby promise that there will be many and varied references to how much I miss Angel[1] but it does have Jason Dohring, so I’m keeping an open mind. As always with my telly recaps, beware of spoilers, cause they won’t be hidden.

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  1. cause I really really do. Angel rawks! and repeats on SciFiUk just arent the same

Veronica Mars 1.02 – Credit Where Credit’s Due

We open with Wallace and Veronica discovering how boring their lives are, as they have no plans for the weekend. Wallace shows Veronica a flier about a party, which he vaguely wants to crash. But it is in code, the 09-ers don’t ant undesirables at their beach party.

At aforementioned party we see Duncan and a stranger chatting in a car before meeting the locals. Stranger turns out to be called Troy. And look, there is Paris Hilton. Would is be very strange of me to admit that I didn’t know who she was. I mean I recognise the name, but I’ve never seen her in anything before. Anyways, the party gets interrupted by our very old bald greaser who thinks that the 09-ers really shouldn’t be on his beach. We get a nice little slanging match between Logan and Weevil, but before things progress any further the sheriff turns up and cares everyone away. He then tells his deputy to pick up the kegs, all the boys can come to his this time. He really isn’t a good cop it he? But he is fun.

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