Alex Bledsoe

Wikipedia says that Bledsoe is an American author best known for his novels of the sword and sorcery and urban fantasy genre. To date, Bledsoe’s work is typically characterized by hard-boiled protagonists and strong classical noir themes. His official site is

Wake of the Bloody Angel

Book 4 in the Eddie LaCrosse series. Eddie LaCrosse has a new client, and it is a surprising one to him. Angelina, the innkeeper and an old [...]

Dark Jenny

Sitting in Angelina’s Tavern, Eddie LaCrosse’s winter evening is suddenly disturbed by a delivery. The delivery of a coffin to b [...]

Burn me deadly

Author Alex Bledsoe An Eddie LaCrosse novel #2

This book takes place around a year, maybe more I can't recall, after the first one,

The sword-edged blonde

Author: Alex Bledsoe An Eddie LaCrosse novel #1 Eddie LaCrosse is a sword jockey, or private detectives in this fantasy world. He is also [...]