Mount TBR – Feb 2017

16 February 2017

  1. Vaughan, Carrie – Martians Abroad rec’d by Carl – Stainless Steel Droppings
  2. Stross, Charles – Empire Games rec’d by the author on “It’s a science-fictional spy thriller; so if you can imagine a James Bond movie set in the Star Wars universe? That’s almost exactly not what it’s about.”
  3. Erdrich, Louise – Tracks rec’d by Goodreads : Set in North Dakota at a time in the past century when Indian tribes were struggling to keep what little remained of their lands, Tracks is a tale of passion and deep unrest. Over the course of ten crucial years, as tribal land and trust between people erode ceaselessly, men and women are pushed to the brink of their endurance—yet their pride and humor prohibit surrender.
  4. Drayden, Nicky – The Prey of Gods rec’d by Kameron Hurley I have this preordered – Due June
  5. Wells, Martha – All systems red rec’d by Kameron Hurley another one I’ve preordered – due May
  6. Lafferty, Mur – Six Wakes rec’d by both Kameron Hurley & john Scalzi’s Big idea – Currently reading!
  7. Hurley, Kameron – The Stars are Legion – rec’d by everyone! or so it seems. This I preordered & it is currently sitting on my shelves.
  8. Lee, Yoon Ha – Raven Stratagem =- rec’d by me, because I really enjoyed the first book

Have you added any books you think I’ve missed out on? And are you really going to recommend it to me when I have so many books already waiting?

So far in 2017 I’ve added 12 books to Mount TBR1 which brings it to a total of 1302 . I’ve read 31 off the whole list, which is only 4% and that’s pretty useless. Must read more!!

  1. that doesn’t sound so bad 

  2. which sounds slightly worse, or better, depending on your perspective 

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2 Responses

  1. Kailana says:

    I really want to read Martians Abroad but the library doesn’t have it and it is pricey. Hopefully eventually!
    Kailana´s last blog post ..Week in Review – Week 7