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A coalition of lions

Book two in The Lion Hunters. After the loss of her family Goewin is forced to flee Britain. In the company of Aksum’s ambassador to B [...]

The Winter Prince

Book one in The Lion Hunters Although this book doesn’t really have any fatastical elements, I am still counting it towards this year& [...]

Dark Jenny

Sitting in Angelina’s Tavern, Eddie LaCrosse’s winter evening is suddenly disturbed by a delivery. The delivery of a coffin to b [...]

Here lies Arthur

ISBN: 9780439955331 LibraryThing | Author’s site Some stories will never stop being retold. How many different versions of the Arthuri [...]


I was neither a stranger in this territory, nor familiar with it. [...]

The Dark Is Rising Sequence

ISBN: 0140316884 5 Vol.s in one Over Sea, Under Stone The Dark Is Rising Greenwitch The Grey King Silver On The Tree “Where is he?R [...]

The Wandering Fire

ISBN: 0586215239 It is always hard to review the middle book of a trilogy. I don’t want to give anything away to those who have yet to [...]

The Summer Tree

ISBN: 0586215220 Book 1 of 3 The Fionavar Tapestry This is a reread for me, the reason being that we are reading the series at ffseries star [...]

King Arthur

This film suffered from many poor reviews. Both from critics and, in my case, from friends who found it boring. Course I don't read reviews [...]
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