Fragile things week 3 by

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This is just a round-up post of my thoughts after week three of the Fragile things read. As with any short story collection some of the stories worked for me, and other didn’t. I tend to like the more traditional stories, where we have somewhat of a resolution or development. The more open-ended and experimental, or just atmospheric I don’t enjoy so much.

This week’s stories were

  • Going Wodwo – a poem I didn’t particularly get. my review
  • Bitter grounds – zombies and atmosphere I enjoyed, but I needed a bit more resolution or explanation at various points. my review
  • Other people – A horrible description of hell. I liked this one, but it isn’t one I would feel the need to reread. my review
  • Keepsakes and treasures – this seemed to me to be “dark” and violent purely to be those things. I didn’t enjoy it. my review

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