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25 September 2011

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The narrator starts this story by telling us that we can call him a bastard if we like, well I do like. And I don’t mean bastard in the parentage sense, I mean it in the horrible evil person sense. He is an amoral murderer. He calls himself loyal. But loyalty to an evil person is hardly admirable.

Fragile things - Neil Gaiman

Fragile things - Neil Gaiman

I tend to enjoy a story a lot more when I can identify at least some what with the main character. I don’t think I’d ever even want to identify with this character. And the life story of an unrepentant murder doesn’t really interest me. Especially when there is no character arc or development. I guess the arc has to do with Mr. Alice, but again, I couldn’t care less about a character like him.

I guess you have figured out that I didn’t like this story. It seemed to be dark and depressing and violent simply to be those things. And so they weren’t effective, or affecting. I was slightly bored by it in fact.

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