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  1. I agree about wanting to know more about the narrator! I wanted to know what made him run away from home, and his thoughts on what was happening. He never really seemed all that scared, even after driving back to the Anthro professor's car and finding it destroyed and the professor missing…

    He was an intriguing fellow! Maybe if I knew more about him, I'd understand the story better, haha.
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    1. That's what I think after reading a lot of short stories, I want to know more about this, but I suppose that's the thing, a short story is only a flash. And sometimes that flash can be brilliant in and of itself, but a lot of the time it only gives a hint and you need to go find a torch and light up the whole thing ;)
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  2. I was also curious about the other girl in the bar. I felt like the narrator was in an almost dream-like or delirious state while he was in New Orleans, because the female characters all seemed to play off of each other and disappear when they were no longer necessary. Actually, come to think of it, all of the minor characters tended to do that…
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    1. Nathalia

      "People come into your life for a reason" I think that's why the minor characters feel like they're only filling up a role in someone else's story and disappear when no longer needed. Also, I think it's interesting that at the beginning he states that he wish he could just walk out of life as easily as walking out the door and it's pretty much what he does in the end. I don't completely get the story, too. But there are many aspects of it I really like.

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