Of course… they all have lovely bottoms!


  1. Hey, Fence! Lovely new template! I love the photos of River–makes the whole template much more feminine, but very mysterious, thanks to her character and the "night-shadow" colour choices.

    Have fun with the move!

  2. Mal

    I always associate the Rose of Tralee with eating scones in my aunt's front room in Limerick. I can't help feeling a fondness for it. It seems less crass to me than a lot of stuff. But I wouldn't actually watch it.

    I just don't understand why good-looking women are prohibited from competing in it. That's mad.

  3. At the moment things are going okay. We've had a few mini-disasters but so far so good Livewire.

    Mal I've never watched it. The closest I've come is seeing that Father Ted episode. And I see that you found your way to the other site, but I'll add the link as soon as I get the chance.
    Twitter: ecnef

  4. That is the default gravater. It represents everyone who hasn't registered for one. And it isn't any old lego man, it is puppet Jayne!
    But to get your own simply find a square pic that you like and go to Gravatar.com and upload it. (Though I've just been checking their site and it seems to be down at the mo'. It'll probly be up and running fairly soon)
    Twitter: ecnef

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