Monthly Archives: August 2008


Okay, can some one kindly tell me where this last year has gone? Cause look, it is time for this year’s RIP Challenge. Decisions decis [...]


I watched Pedigree Dogs Exposed on the telly last night. And my gut reaction? Never ever buying a pedigree dog. Especially not a cavalier Ki [...]

They’re back

Yeah, that’s right, it is time for the return of The X Factor. I do love this show. I also hate it. Telly and I have a complex relatio [...]

Purple Hibiscus

Travels in the Scriptorium

ISBN: 9780312426293 The old man sits on the edge of the narrow bed, palms spread out on his knees, head down, staring at the floor. Carl was [...]

Up for de match

Well now, it really has been a while, hasn’t it. I promise, one day I’ll stop starting all my posts in this manner. But that day [...]