Up for de match

3 August 2008

Well now, it really has been a while, hasn’t it. I promise, one day I’ll stop starting all my posts in this manner. But that day it not today. Not today… I’ve made an August resolution that I’ll post more regularly. I’m hoping for at least twice a week. My fingers are crossed but god only knows what reality will bring.

It’s a bank holiday weekend over here, so no work till Tues. I was home in Sligo, but came down today for the match. Sligo V Louth in the All-Ireland hurling final[1] And we won. W00t! After all we aren’t much of a hurling county, and after the disappointment of the football this year. Reduced to the Tommy Murphy cup and losing to… I think it was London. London! That’s not even a county.

But not only did we win today, but it was a good entertaining game as well, so yay!

We’re moving at work this coming week, so I’ve big plans this weekend. Mainly involving sleep and relaxation :) Up early to let the movers in from Tues. Early to start and probably not too early to finish as it is exam time. Yes, yes, I know. It is ridiculous to be moving a college library during exam time. Speak not to me, I agree totally.


  1. okay, so really it was the Nicky Rackard cup, which is like the 3rd division of summat, but shush, the furriners wont know that

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  1. James says:

    Morning… just to let you know that Firefox is blocking this site for me because it is on a Google malware blacklist.

    Is it the running an up to date version of WordPress?