They’re back

16 August 2008

Yeah, that’s right, it is time for the return of The X Factor. I do love this show. I also hate it. Telly and I have a complex relationship. Just deal with it.

And this year we have a new judge, Cheryl somewan or other. From Girls Aloud, so the interwebs reveal. ooohhhh. Colour me impressed!

And the show starts off with a totally ott arrival of the four judges. In FOUR different helicopter. Won’t some one think of the environment. And of course references to whatsherface, you know, yer wan what sang about her bleedin heart. Leona. And yes, before you start, I pay no attention to these shows once we get past the point and laugh stage. Which is mean and nasty and bitchy. But oh so much fun.

I do feel sorry for a lot of these people. So called contenders that really can’t sing. Have they never heard themselves sing? Has no one ever said “don’t go on the telly singing, because while you’re grand at the karaoke, you aren’t good enough to go in front of Mr. Brutal”. I guess if they all listened to that then the likes of The X Factor wouldn’t be so popular.

I’m really enjoying Cheryl’s reactions. She seems so horrified that the auditions are so terrible. She was expecting a higher standard. ha! Has she never watched the show?

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