20 August 2008

I watched Pedigree Dogs Exposed on the telly last night. And my gut reaction? Never ever buying a pedigree dog. Especially not a cavalier King Charles, a pug, a westie, or a bulldog.

I’ve watched bits and pieces of Crufts on occasion. And have often thought that some of the dogs are plain ridiculous. But to hear that a dog which is severely unhealthy, and which can pass along diseases to its offspring, can become a champion show dog? That just makes no sense. And those German Shepherds that the showed? Those dogs could barely walk. When I first saw them I thought they were deformed. I guess that deformity is encouraged by the breeders though.

For those of you thinking of getting a dog maybe you should investigate the health problems associated with particular breeds. And then head down to your nearest shelter and pick up a mutt instead.

Course I’m sure that this is a one-sided show. It wouldn’t make for good telly if they actually showed both sides of the debate. But even allowing for that it makes for disturbing viewing. I do wonder how much of the problem is due to the issues that used to be involved in importing dogs into Britain though. It meant the gene pool was significantly smaller surely? Maybe now things are improving?

And I also agree with the cavalier women who said that the manner of accosting some of the owners and breeders just wasn’t very nice. But then again, that is a telly programme looking for controversy and drama no doubt.

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1 Response

  1. jean pierre says:

    oh dear… this sounds terrible. really cruel. i'm glad i didn't see this show… :)