Happy Thanksgiving

22 November 2007

to all you Americans and associates. And Happy Thursday to the rest of you.

I’m off to Sligo in a few hours. I could have got the earlier train, but probably needed those few hours to recover from last night and our ever so exciting Pub Quiz. We got a great turn out, which was great, and I think everyone had a great time. Of course once the quiz was over the fun didn’t end. We headed off to 80s night in the Porterhouse. Rock on Bon Jovi, rock on!

The end of the night was not quite so great, but we’ll ignore that and focus on the fun that was had. Yeah for binge drinking[1] and liver damage[2]

So anyway, I’m away off for the weekend, and a nice long one it’ll be[3] before I return to work on Monday[4] so I may not be online, braitheann sé on whether or not I can be arsed.


  1. although I spent most of night on just diet coke as I was busy reading out the questions, I did mange to get in a couple of vodkas and stole a a few fingers worth of beer from the lads before the night was over
  2. – again with call to rock on baby
  3. yay!
  4. boo hiss

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1 Response

  1. Carl V. says:

    Happy Thursday…er, Friday now…to you as well. Sounds like a fun evening! Enjoy your long weekend!