We can rule the world

I went to see Stardust again last night. Its just so awwww, dontcha think?

Life however is a tad more complicated. And there are a lot more surprises than what might come out of box of chocolates, never mind what Forest Gump’s Mammy used to say.

In shiny shiny news my copy of My So-Called Life has arrived. And is it ever shiny, or is it ever shiny? I don’t know if I should bother watching it now, after all it may be shite. Memory lies, remember.

Bleaurgh, blah blah blah. There is stuff I could blog about, but honestly, I couldn’t be arsed. Not in a bad way, just a sorta meh way. Maybe I need to take a blogging break. But I know that the moment I think I should do something like that I’ll have a genius idea and be forced back into the blogging world. And I’ll be damned if my own brain is going to force me to do anything! Damn you brain! etc

Post title from Take That’s We can rule the world which is the song over the end credits in Stardust

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