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  1. haha – fence, you were basically just talking to yourself there…! :D

    i know what you mean about memory lying and getting old dvd sets. i got a robotech and buck rogers box set and have still not got around to watching them 'cause i want to be in the right frame of mind. i don't want to be in the mood of expecting the worst, because then i'll just see the ways in which it HAS aged and how my memory HAS lied to me. nor do i want to watch it thinking it'll be JUST like i remember it – 'cause it won't. i want to try and get my mind in that in-between-place so i can be in the best position to be able to enjoy it.

    do you do any of this kind of (silly) preparation, or wait for the right mood?

  2. Talking to myself, or rambling at the insane part of my brain? Who can tell the difference JP :)

    I do sometimes wait until the "right" moment, or, as you say frame of mind before I watch something, but if it is good enough then it'll change my frame of mind, won't it?
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  3. It's so weird, but I've started three posts and can't finish them. I can't think of ONE thing worth saying to the world at large, and not many worth saying to anyone in private, either. Maybe I need a blogging break (again) too, Fency. But then, as you say, there'll undoubtedly be something to force me back. Oh blah blah blah – even now I'm dithering, for no reason other than just to say hello to you. Heya.

    ha. The guy across from me, on the bank of computers, has headphones on and he just made this gigantic "HUH!" noise that made everyone turn their heads to them. And he remained oblivious. He's obviously watching something inspirational. Maybe a televangelist. Yes, Lord.

    And she can't stop yapping….

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  5. red

    Hello there.

    Just to say I watched a couple of episodes of 'My So-Called Life' recently and they hadn't turned shit at all. It's still totally cool. Now you've given me an idea- my boyfriend's going to be away for a bit so I think it's time to get my hands on the whole series. Yay. Lovely blog btw

  6. i suppose thats true, that if its good enough it'll change your frame of mind – although i am a great one for stupid lingering impressions and thinking stupid things and letting that spoil my enjoyment of things.

    like when someone one knows says something significant about a film or book and even though one disagrees, one can't help but have their view taint things…

  7. A few months ago, a friend mentioned MSCL was out on DVD and I got all excited, remembering the good old days. But she warned me, it's nothing as good as when you first watched it when you were 12 and Jared Leto was *it*. I'm afraid to watch it again, because I know I'll just be disappointed (but it's damn tempting!)

  8. @TGWAOF: i don't think it could possibly be as good as when you were a teenager and knew that all that stuff was of life and death importance :) But I'm going to give in to temptation and hopefully enjoy.

    @JP: Only problem is that it sometimes doesn't work lol
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