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  1. oh dear…

    that thing about characters word-for-word repeating each other is one of the biggest crimes a writer can commit. you just feel insulted as a reader. its horrible… you sit there, reading, thinking to yourself "my life is flashing before me."

  2. I think you can be forgiven TGWAOF. She writes such crap anyway.

    Erm, it really isn't soft H. But yes, you can, well, not that one cause I got it from the library, but I have most of the others. And I'm here, look, it is still Sunday and you're Luna Nina has appeared. Was in Greystones yesterday watching Connacht get beaten. And then the delight of that rugby match. And before that was busy at work with the new students. Some of us aren't unemployed layabouts you know :)

    JP luckily I employed the "skim it" method of reading for this book
    Twitter: ecnef

  3. Harlequin

    Well, I'm glad you're back. :-) All I have is t'internet and t'dog and since I reached the end of Heroes, I need more blog updates! The whole being unemployed layabout thing is just fabulous apart from the boredom and the poverty. Ah well. I'm sure I'll be employed and grumbling about having to get up in the morning soon enough. xxx

  4. I read like a few of her books, and I really don't get Anita. She says she's tough but when something happens she gets emotional. And the sex it's so boring she sounds like a slut. She also say that she can give anybody her heart well if she wasn't so damn mean and she needs to let go about her mothers death because I got over mine. She's just a fake. all the men wanting to sleep with her is crazy she's just one woman in the world there's others. She has more hatred than anyone I have ever known and that's gonna get the best of her.

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