The Road

ISBN: 9780330447546
Read for the RIP Challenge
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This is a novel set at some unidentified point in the future when the world has pretty much come to an end. Something, we don’t know what, has brought society down. There is little food and little shelter left, and for our two main protagonists there is always the danger that they might meet someone on the road, someone who might kill them in order to take what little they have, or maybe someone who might kill them in order to eat them. They travel on, this unnamed man and unnamed boy, constantly on the road, moving trying to find something.

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Lost Souls

ISBN: 0753817853
Read for the RIP Challenge
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It was past midnight when I got home Halloween night. The car lights swept across the yard. The house had been toilet-papered.

This wasn’t originally on my RIP list, but I decided to take off the John Connolly one and replace it with this. It isn’t exactly a horror, but it does fit under the category of mystery, and it starts on a Halloween night, so I reckon it fits the challenge.

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ISBN: 9780440217985 Read for the RIP Challenge I’ve said before that in most cases for me to really love a book I have to have well written/developed characters which is possibly why short stories don’t always grab me; they just don’t have the time or space to develop the characters. So is the case with […]

Danse Macabre

ISBN: 1841494747
#14 in the Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter verse
Read for the RIP Challenge
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Image of Danse MacabreIt all went downhill so quickly in this series. The first few books were good solid entertainment. Plenty of action and fairly decent characters. But now they are all merely vehicles for Anita to have sex with as many people as she can. And to top it all they are badly written as well. Thank god I got this one from the library and didn’t shell out actual cash for it.

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The Prestige

It began on a train, heading north through England, although I was soon to discover that the story had really begun more than a hundred years earlier.

The Prestige is a book that covers three different generations of two families, told by a number of different narrators, all in the first person, as they tell their stories in their diaries. Those of you who have seen the film version will be aware that the prestige of the title is the payoff to a magic trick. What you might not know is that this term was invented by Priest but has since come into common usage among practising magicians.

Fool Moon

ISBN: 1841493996 Book two in The Dresden Files read for the RIP Challenge

I never used to keep close track of the phases of the moon

Image of Fool MoonHarry Dresden is a wizard. Most people in Chicago don’t believe in magic or wizards, Science has seen to that, but he still gets called in to assist the police on occasion. Their Special Investigation department may be not be the dream assignment but police there still have to work. Although recently Harry hasn’t received too much business from them. A result of what happened in the first book I’m guessing, seeing as I didn’t read that. But when there are a series of extremely violent deaths Murphy, head of Special Investigations, comes calling. It looks like werewolves are on the loose.

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I’ve finally decided to get involved in this year’s RIP (Readers Imbibing Peril) challenge, and am going for the first option: Peril the First: Read Four books of any length, from any subgenre of scary stories that you choose. So at the very least I’ll be reading The Killing Kind by John Connolly – It […]