I remember throwin’ punches around And preachin’ from my chair

7 February 2006

These are my very quick, and not well-thought out answers to Fiona’s meme

about the Irish blogosphere:

Gender: female

Age: (1-18; 19-30; 31-45; 46-60; 60+) 19-30

Nationality: Irish

Country of residence: Ireland

Sexual Orientation: straight

Do you have a disability? no

How would you describe your political philosophy? I wouldn’t. But generally speaking I’m in favour of small govt. Well laid out rules and regulations that enforced. In favour of social welfare. Democracy. Slightly to the left but not in favour of socialism.

Level of education (primary; post-primary; third-level; graduate; professional) post-grad. in Librarianship

If you were to vote on party lines which party would you choose (Ireland)? I usually vote Independent. But I think I vote according to personality rather than party. Only party I wouldn’t vote for is Sinn Féin

If you were to vote on party lines which party would you choose (UK)? Lib Dem

If you were to vote on party lines which party would you choose (USA)? None.

Where do you stand on the EU? I’m in favour generally. But think there is too much bureaucracy

Did you support the invasion of Afghanistan? Yes. And no. There had to be some reaction for Sept 11th and terrorism, however I think that once the US invaded they didn’t have a plan. And as can be seen from the mess there now they still don’t. Not that I’d know what this plan should have been.

Did you support the invasion of Iraq? No. I think there should have been consultation with the international community. I think that the situation in Afghanisatan should have been dealt with. And I think that the US & UK govt.s lied in order to make people believe that Saddam was linked to the terrorist activites of Sept 11th.
However, this does not mean that I supported Saddam, I just think that there were other options that were unexplored.

Do you continue to support either or both of those conflicts? Support would be too strong a word. However at this stage I feel that a pullout would do more harm than good. But the current occupations and the way the situations are being handled is not doing anyone any good.

What do you believe is the single biggest issue facing Irish politics? I don’t think there is one single issue. There are a multitude; but I suppose Health Care and Eduacation are two of the big ones

What do you believe is the single biggest issue facing European politics? Figuring out exactly what the EU is

What do you believe is the single biggest issue facing international politics? Terrorism is a big one. But in many cases I’d say that poverty has a large role to play in creating dissaffected populations.

Are you, have you ever been, and do you ever wish to be involved in politics in a party political manner? No

Who would you have voted for in the past US Presidential Election? Whomever was the third party candidate.

Now I’m supposed to tag four other Irish bloggers; so NM, Paige, UI, and Auds. I hope none of them has been tagged yet.

Oh, Kelly, you can do it too, this way you can feel Irish, and maybe get nominated for Honourary Irish Blogger next year ;) And of course, anyone else who wants to can.

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5 Responses

  1. anne says:

    You're a very reasonable lass, for a gun-toting and goateed bloke…

  2. Fence says:

    Surely you meant to say, for a gun-toting bloke who just happens to be sex-on-legs?

  3. NineMoons says:

    You're straight? Then how come you've been sharing a bed with me once a week for the past several months?
    Interesting how similarish our answers were given that I didn't read yours first.

  4. Kelly says:

    You're sweet to call me back, just as I was slinking away, shame-faced and weary. Let me just say right now, I am horribly embarrassed by my nation in this whole Iraq thing. I cried when it started; like, beat the floor crying – furious with our stupid, blowhard politicians, and mortified by how the rest of the world (justifiably) viewed us. And there's my son, over there in his soldier pants… Thank God he's not a blowhard himself. Sigh.

    You lovely lot already make me feel like an honourary Irishgal. I actually said "shite" the other day, you'll be proud to know. Good job! You'll have me using "fuck" every third word, if you keep it up! ha.

  5. Fence says:

    Obviously NM my power over you is growing Mwahaha. And the bed thing is charity for a poor childer from Louth.

    Kelly, you aren't alone :) An Taoiseach, Bertie Ahern said, an I misquote "Wahoo, war bhoys. Lets support the US of A by letting their planes land in Shannon and elsewhere" and then later, to a different crowd "War. Hell no. War is baaad, m'kay"

    Politicians, the ones that succeed in their chosen "profession" are pretty rubbish at providing a good example. And I'm sure we all hope your son comes home safe and sound, with nothing but stories to scare little kids.

    And as for this cursing cliche ;) I know I never say fuck on this blog. Damn, look, I just typed fuck. Now I've gone and said fuck twice. Fucking hell, I've done it again… (I'll stop now, otherwise it could go on and on)

    And looking at that wikipedia page, if I was called Bartholemew I'd go by the Irish version Parthalán. Although I think they got his name wrong, isn't Patrick his middle name?