Why didn’t the Macgyver theme have lyrics?


  1. Glad to see you so prepared Sally, come the revolution you'll be the one prodding people against the wall using the pointy end of the paper clip.

    Anne, how could we possibly forget about the gum!
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  2. Harlequin

    That's funny, when I was reading Sally's comment, the VM theme song was on on the old MP3 player and it was just at the "good to go" bit. Weird.

    Very cool paper clip. Did you see McGyver on the Simpsons? He was marvellous – kept talking about things like wearing blue contact lenses to hide his ethnic origin and getting drunk in the morning. Class.

    Speaking of classic 80s shows AND Battlestar Galactice, allow me to smoothly segue to Dirk Benedict. The raidio was on LOUD on the bus today so even through my headphones I heard a story about when he first arrived on Big Brother and Leo Sayer said "OMG, it's Dirk f**king Benedict!" and Dirk replied smoothly, "yes, but I don't usually use my middle name." All good, all the time.

    And I LOVED LOVED LOVED BSG on Tuesday. The only reason you didn't get a load of THAT WAS SOOOOOO COOOL texts from me was cos I didn't know if you were watching or taping. I don't care if the writers did do what you reckon (which is totally looks like they did), I wanted it back and I got it back. So yay! Even the tache went. If'n Helo would just shave his head and Lee normalised, I'd be happy.

    Hi honey. How are you? :-)

  3. Hey, I was watching, though I missed the first 3 whole minutes on account of Pavlov's clock being wrong. Shock shock horror!

    The whole reset thing annoyed me, but I'm not giving up on BSG, not quite yet anyways.
    Twitter: ecnef

  4. EWI

    The whole reset thing annoyed me, but I’m not giving up on BSG, not quite yet anyways.

    Wherabouts is this at on Sky? I'm following BSG through another avenue :)

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