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19 January 2006

NM called round yesterday. We were supposed to be kino-ing, either to see Jarhead or Breakfast on Pluto only when we got to the cinema there were huge queues, the place was dubh le daoine. So we waitied in the queue watching one showing after another turning yellow[1] by the time we got near the desk pretty much everything was sold out. We had a choice between Just Friends and Cry Wolf. So no choice.

Whats the story there lads? Was everyone out on Wed night because Tues was Desperate Housewives and Battlestar Galactica night?

So we saw nuffink. Talk about wasting a whole trip to the cinema. That’s a five minute walk that is. Not to mention coming home again!

Still, we got to see Ocean’s Eleven on the telly, although it was on UTV and so interrupted by the news. Why do they do that? Stick a film on and then 30 mins before it is due to end take a break for the news?

Maybe I’ll head for the kino myself this evening. But there is also Bones on the telly, so maybe I won’t bother.


  1. nearly sold out

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13 Responses

  1. anne says:

    Talk about a waste of perfectly good energy…

  2. Fence says:

    To quote Monica from Friends "I know"

  3. Kelly says:

    Okay, I'm pretty sure that "kino" is a word for theater, right? Is it short for something? Give the American an Irish lesson! I haven't seen anything good lately; it's sad. King Kong, meh. Harry Potter was great, and Narnia, too – but they're old news by now. I haven't seen any tidy, wonderful, little current movies at all.

  4. Fence says:

    Kino is the German word for cinema. Not sure when exactly I started using it, probably in texts cause 4 letters beats 6.

    Last film I saw was Exorcism, but the last really good film I saw was Brokeback Mountain. And before that, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang was fantastic, really funny film

  5. Alan says:

    I saw Jarhead on Tuesday (review) and highly recommend it. Not sure about Breakfast on Pluto, it's had pretty mixed reviews, I may go see it some week if there's nothing else on.

    I'm betting that's the Parnell Street cinema, what used to be the UGC (can't remember what it's called now). Hate that place, the queue always stretches three times round the block.

  6. Fence says:

    Spotted your review alright, but didn't read cause I don't like to read reviews before I go see a film. Strange maybe, but *shrug*

    And yup, Parnell St. cinema, its just turned into a cineworld one. I loves it. <3 <3 <3 it. Cause I can go as often as I like for 17 quid a month. Normally the queues aren't that bad, think it is the post-xmas no drinking, no money thing.

  7. NineMoons says:

    I love it too. I loved it back when it was Virgin, then again when it was UGC, even more when it took over the IMAX and became fabulous and then again when it name-changed. It has the best popcorn, the comfiest seats and the most wonderful invention since bread that it sliced – the cinema pass, which I've been loving for 6 years now!
    I survived the migraine and am all set for Bones now. The Beloved's uncle (and father of his best friend) got his house burgled. :-( Not nice. And no Robin arrived – it was a scarf the Mammy knitted for me! Bless.

  8. I thought Kino referred to touching another person to make them like you?

  9. NineMoons says:

    (Ignorning UI) I think I might have started the kino thing now that I come to think of it. Cos when I first lived round the corner from Virgin/UGC/Cineworld, I was living with those two Law and Germans. Or else it mighta come from Copper-Copper and her arbeit-auf-Deutsch thing.

  10. Fence says:

    No Robin NM? What'll I do? Still a scarf is a useful thing in these days of winds.

    UI, I have no idea what you are talking about.

    I used to say kino in Galway, Cavada-girl knew German and I did it for the Leaving.

  11. NineMoons says:

    K, so I can't claim it. Fine. Assume Robin will arrive next week, else I'll haftae hassle Play about it and demand a new one. Then the old one will arrive as well as the new one and my conscience will be troubled.
    I've no idea what UI was talking about either. Hence the ignoring. With the Unbelievably Out and Proud Token Gay at work, I've learned to close my ears to people attempting to put a naughty spin on innocent phrases.

  12. banzai cat says:

    But I like the name kino: it sounds very Victorian/steam-punkish. ;-)

    P.S. Where do you get such great post titles?

  13. Kino = Kinaesthetics.

    See here.

    I guess people aren't as suave as me. ;)