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22 December 2005

Well I’ve finished work for the year. Am currently, at this very moment, sitting around doing nothing when in fact I should be out buying the one or two things I’ll need for Christmas. I blame Ray D’Arcy. My alarm went off at 10.30, figured I’d be up and showered by 11 and out on the streets of Dublin before 12 at the very latest. That was I’d miss all the people taking their half day’s shopping today. Course it’d still be dubh le daoine[1] but I’m only heading to the Jervis Centre and maybe Penney’s. But I had to get listening to Ray. And then he mentioned that Declan O’Rourke would be in soon, so I figured, ah, I’ll listen to him sing.

He wasn’t on the bloody radio for ages, and then he only sang one song, but again Ray kept me listening by telling me that he’d be doing a cover of Anthony and the Johnsons’ song Hope There’s Someone, so I stayed, reading and listening at the same time.

What time did I finally get to hear it at? 12 o’clock. Still it was very good. I’ve only heard Declan O’Rourke‘s song Sarah (Last night in a dream) before, NM sent me an mp3 of it, and I’ve been meaning to listen to more. And hearing him sing Hope There’s Someone means I really have to go look for his album. I know that won’t be one it, but still, maybe there’ll be another Even Better Than The Real Thing album out soon.

So because of Ray and Declan I’m so delayed it isn’t even funny. And what am I doing, faffng about webland. Disgraceful I tells ya.


  1. black with people

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2 Responses

  1. Anne says:

    Get thee to your nearest appliance store and buy yourself a portable radio. Call it your Xmas present to yourself. Because you're worth it.

  2. Fence says:

    But my mp3 player has a radio tuner Anne, its just that if I admit that that is a viable option, then it means I can't blame Ray. Then whose fault would it be?