The only reason the energiser bunny keeps going is because it knows Paul O’Connell is after it

6 October 2006

Bhí mé ag caint le mo mháthair inné and remember I told you about the mutt and his busted tail. Well he wasn’t eating on Monday, which for him, food-aholic that he is, was not a good sign. So they took him to the vet and it isn’t his tail at all, but his back. He probably knocked the ironing board on himself at some stage.

Course, it was de fadder that took him in as de mudder was minding the gasur, and as our vet is also a rugby man they got to discussin the brother. Not #5 who is playing, but #4 who hasn’t played for a while as he injured his back somehow at some stage. So although the mutt is now happy and drugged up on painkillers, de fadder didn’t ask to many questions about the mutts problems as he was gossiping about sport. Typical man ;)

I’m a bit annoyed with the weather today. We are promised rain and gale force winds. Which is fine. But couldn’t it wait til tomorrow? Leinster V Munster is on this evening, and I’m going, and I would prefer not to be soaked while watching.

Still, once Munster win I’ll be happy. Not that I want to see Leinster lose[1] but I’d prefer a Munster victory and will be cheering them on. So fingers crossed that it is just Galway and Sligo that get flooded this evening, and that the rain doesn’t make it all the way across the country. Plus, bad weather will probably give Connacht a better chance against Ulster[2]

There was something else I wanted to mention….
Oh yes. Isn’t the internet fabtastic. Cause look, it makes it seem as though we’re all international people of many languages :)


  1. I’m still conflicted
  2. No conflict here, I’m cheering for Connacht. I only support Ulster when they are playing non-Irish opposition

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4 Responses

  1. anne says:

    Cheer Munster on for me too, will you? And do what you have to do. No holds barred.

  2. NM says:

    Poor puppy. You'll have to go home and visit him and spoil him so that he learns that injuries lead to attention and spends the rest of his life deliberately injuring himself.

  3. Fence says:

    I'll throw in a shout from you Anne, especially for Paul yes?

    NM, oh he was spoiled last weekend; I even dragged over his duvet and let him lie by the couch. Plus he got to come into the kitchen without anyone telling him he wasn't allowed in that room.

  4. anne says:

    Among others, yes please. Ronan also. And, you know, anyone you deem worthy of our combined attentions…