In the time of chimpanzees I was a monkey

8 October 2006

I’m talking sports. And I’m talking losing. Soy un perdedor well, not me personally, but the teams I support.

Went to the Munster match. Had a great time. But we lost. Bloody Leinster ;) Not too upset though, I mean, it is only a Magners League match. But still.

No, the definite monkeys of the weekend were the soccer team. Final score Cyprus 5 – Republic of Monkeys 2.

Oh yes, we lost to Cyprus. We made Cyprus seem good.

Can it get any worse? Well, we are playing the Czech Republic on Weds. and they are actually a good side. What’ll the score be 6, 7 nil? I dread to think. I’m also dreading having to watch the coverage on TV3 as well. It was shockingly bad. And their graphics? Almost as crap as out defenders. Maybe I’ll go along to Lansdowne and watch it live instead of on the telly…

Anyways, it is Sunday, which means it is Luna Nina time, and she says

  1. Opinion ::
  2. Tardy ::
  3. Peer pressure ::
  4. Grownup ::
  5. ! ::
  6. Beer ::
  7. Sit ::
  8. Shower ::
  9. Consumate ::
  10. Wasting ::

  1. Opinion :: Valid
  2. Tardy :: waiting
  3. Peer pressure :: over-rated
  4. Grownup :: house prices. Property ladder. Far too much hassle
  5. ! :: The Irish football team
  6. Beer :: Drink
  7. Sit :: Down
  8. Shower :: of shite footballers
  9. Consumate :: crapness
  10. Wasting :: possesion. Wasting time. Waste of space. Yes, it is the footballers again

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