Monthly Archives: September 2006

The Golem’s Eye

ISBN: 0552550272 #2 in The Bartimaeus Trilogy Group Read: FFseries Although in the previous book Nathaniel said, almost promised, he wouldn& [...]

Rome – Season 1

it has been four hundred years since the founding of the Republic, and in that time Rome has grown into a mighty power. But military might, [...]

you came to take us, all things go, all things go

The problem with finding out about great sounding/looking stuff is that you want immediate gratification. Neil Gaiman raves about a film, a [...]

Jesus, if Lee Haevey Oswald had been from Mayo, JFK’d be alive and kicking!

Oh my good god[1] was that a terrible match or a terrible match. Though obviously not if you are a Kerry fan. But still. A 13 point differen [...]

You say it best, when you say nothing at all

I’ve a stack of books this high[1] waiting to be added to catalogue. And another stack, three or four times as high, which is not only [...]

Bath Tangle

ISBN: 0099468093 Heyer’s romance novels show the reader that your story doesn’t have to be original to be entertaining, and that [...]

The Memory of Running

ISBN: 0751537365; Penguin Guide This is an odd book. On the one hand I quite enjoyed it while reading it, but it never made f [...]

Little Miss Sunshine

Families are a source of much amusement and not a little tragedy. Especially when your father is a motivational speaker, whose “9 step [...]

you came and you gave without taking

I’m watching Leinster being beaten by Edinburgh[1] Tis quite annoying, especially cause the commentators on Setanta Sports are Scots, [...]
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